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Recordings of three different ships of opportunity on a vertical array were used as training and test data for the feed-forward neural network and support vector machine classifiers, demonstrating the feasibility of machine learning methods to locate unseen sources. Apache, Santa Fe energy units awarded two Myanmar blocks.

This paper reports that Myanmar's state oil company has awarded production sharing contracts PSCs on two blocks to units of Apache Corp. That comes on the heels of a report by County NatWest Woodmac that notes Myanmar's oil production, currently meeting less than half the country's demand, is set to fall further this year.

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During the initial 2 year exploration period on Block EP-3, Apache will conduct geological studies and conduct at least line km of seismic data. Tipos de Tiempo en el periodo de Semana Santa Vallisoletana. A geological synthesis and a proposal for the geotectonic evolution of the precambrian to eopaleozoic terrains of the southern part of Santa Catarina state is presented.

The methods utilized were conventional field works, petrological studies and bibliographic analysis , including structural analysis, lithogeochemical and geochronological investigations. Over a hundred new radiometric determinations, using several methods some of which not yet available in Brazil, as U-Pb in zircon and Pb-Pb and Sm-Nd in whole rocks, are presented.

The results allowed us to determine the emplacement epoch of granitoids and consequently the associated deformational phases. Integral study of the quantity and quality of the underground water in the Santa Lucia basin in Uruguay. This work study different aspects about the underground water in the Santa Lucia sedimentary basin in Uruguay.

The Santa Clara Valley is a long, narrow trough extending about 35 miles southeast from the southern end of San Francisco Bay where the regional alluvial-aquifer system has been a major source of water. Intensive agricultural and urban development throughout the 20th century and related ground-water development resulted in ground-water-level declines of more than feet and land subsidence of as much as Since the s, Santa Clara Valley Water District has imported surface water to meet growing demands and reduce dependence on ground-water supplies.

This importation of water has resulted in a sustained recovery of the ground-water flow system. This model simulates the flow of ground water and surface water, changes in ground-water storage, and related effects such as land subsidence. The model better defines the geohydrologic framework of the regional flow system and better delineates the supply and demand components that affect the inflows to and outflows from the regional ground-water flow system.

Development of the model includes revisions to the previous ground-water flow model that upgraded the temporal and spatial discretization, added source-specific inflows and outflows, simulated additional flow features such as land subsidence and multi-aquifer wellbore flow, and extended the period of simulation through September The transient-state model was calibrated to historical surface-water and ground-water data for the period and to historical subsidence for the period The regional ground-water flow system consists of multiple aquifers that are grouped.

Water resources on many islands in the world have been severely strained by increases in visitors. Santa Cruz Island, a tourism hub in the Galapagos, is facing significant challenges of too many people and not enough available water. There are no permanent freshwater resources on Santa Cruz, and the. The upper Santa Ynez River, Santa Barbara County, provides habitats for a relatively large population of least Bell's vireos Vireo bellii pusillus , as well as diverse riparian flora and fauna. Of particular interest is the richness of the species within particular guilds.

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Four species of vireos: least Bell's, warbling Vireo The Federal Register Notice of Intent Bailey, University of California Press, The maritime fringe climate derives from California Press, Soils: According to the petition, the current Santa Maria Valley viticultural area We designate Lagoa Santa , a small town in southeastern Brazil where naturalist Peter Lund lived, is regarded nowadays as an important historical site for the biological sciences. From to , J. Reinhardt, hosted by Lund, collected bird species. This material is an outstanding reference for many modern ornithological studies.

The present paper reports the occurrence of some rare and threatened birds for the region of Lagoa Santa between and In this account I list the Rusty-margined Erosivity of rainfall in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Full Text Available The erosive capacity of rainfall can be expressed by an index and knowing it allows recommendation of soil management and conservation practices to reduce water erosion. The objective of this study was to calculate various indices of rainfall erosivity in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil, identify the best one, and discover its temporal distribution.

The study was conducted at the Center of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Lages, Santa Catarina, using daily rainfall charts from to The indices of the time period from to were correlated with the respective soil losses from the standard plot of the Universal Soil Loss Equation USLE in order to select the erosivity index for the region.

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Full Text Available The agricultural activity developed in the western region of the state of Santa Catarina generates wealth on the one hand, but on the other it generates environmental degradation and consequently negative impacts for both humans and other forms of life. Considering this, the first objective of the article is to respond how it is possible to internalize the external factors generated by the agricultural sector.

In this way two alternate theoretical models for internalization of the external costs are found in literature: Pareto Internalization and Institutional Internalization. The second objective, on the other hand, consists in identifying which type of internalization is best suited for the Western Santa Catarina region under a perspective which is aimed at sustainable development. To respond to this question it was necessary to discuss, theoretically, sustainable development, as well as weak and strong sustainability. Following this, the first option of internalization to be dealt with follows the perspective of a weak sustainability and the second of a strong sustainability.

Full Text Available Brazil has one of the largest electricity markets in South America, which needs to add MW of capacity every year in order to satisfy growing the demand from an increasing and more prosperous population. Apart from biomass, no other renewable energy sources, besides hydroelectricity, play a relevant role in the energy mix.

The potential for wind and wave energy is very large. Brazil's Santa Catarina state government is starting a clean energy program in the state, which is expected to bring more than 1 GW of capacity. Assessment of wave energy resources is needed along the coastline. The annual offshore wave power was found to be equal to The nearshore energetic patterns were studied by means of a numerical coastal propagation model Mike21 SW.

The mean wave power of 20 m isobaths is Supplementary considerations are drawn on realistic perspectives for wave energy converters installations. Isabel a todo o reino.

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Often described as a green prison, it has a considerable installed base of distributed energy resources DER including an eight-year old 1. During grid blackouts, or when conditions favor it, the Jail can now disconnect from the grid and operate as an island, using the on-site resources described together with its back-up diesel generators. This enables the battery to maintain energy balance using droops without need for a fast control system.

These include a 1. With the upcoming installation of a large-scale battery and fast static disconnect switch, Santa Rita Jail will become a true microgrid, with full CERTS Microgrid functionality. Consequently, the jail will be able to seamlessly disconnect from the grid and operate as an island in the event of a disturbance, reconnecting again once the disturbance has dissipated.

The extent to which that jail is capable of islanding is principally dependant on the energy capacity of the battery-one focus of this investigation. Diagnosis of the retail flower market of Santa Maria, RS. Full Text Available The present study aimed to diagnose the flowers retail market and ornamental plants in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, by means of a research in loco, from January to June of , based on questionnaires and interviews applied to the managers of the establishment, as well as of an application of a visual and phytosanitary scale to other establishments that sell flowers and ornamental plants, such as agricultural shops, fairs of horticultural products, supermarkets and providers of funeral services - cemeteries and funeral homes.

The diagnosis aims to know the steps of the dynamics observed from the market of flowers until the final consumer, and to segment the types of floricultures, distinguishing them according to the commercial focus — floricultures of arrangements and bouquets, and producing flowers and landscape floricultures. Based on the diagnosis it can be concluded that the Santa Maria retail flowers and ornamental plants follows the national trend of floral arrangements and bouquets shops, with the increase of the companies focused on landscaping and gardening.

Among the most marketed plants are the rose as the best-selling cut flower, the begonia as potted flower, the fern for foliage arrangements, the cactus as potted plant, the raffia as garden plant and the pansy as the best-selling plant in boxes. Los resultados indican que el agua es entendida como escencial para la vida, ligada a la salud, y necesita ser preservada. The petrographic district of Santa Teresa 1st. Teresa granitic complex of cambric age. This da tta are preliminary and the investigation needs to be continued.

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This inform is about the geological conditions study carried out in Paso Severino zone of the Santa Lucia small river to make a dam to provide water to Montevideo. The techniques used were photo interpretation and general geological studies. Laser fluorosensor overflights of the Santa Barbara oil seeps. Brown, C. Emergencies Science Div. High resolution colour reconnaissance camera images and down-looking video images were collected concurrently with the fluorescence data for documentation purposes.

Results of the experiment were analyzed in detail. The fluorescence data obtained during overflights was most similar to typical crude oil, i. The objective was to test the system's ability to detect oil in actual marine environments and to distinguish petroleum oil from biogenic oils released by kelp beds in and around these naturally occurring oil seep areas.

They confirmed the system's ability to produce geo-referenced oil contamination location maps in real-time. The Itarare Group is characterized by pelites of lacustrine origin and conglomerates and sandstones of alluvial fans, mainly in the north western region. A shallow lacustrine and paludal system characterize the Rio Bonito Formation, comprising coal seams and associated pelitic sediments, as well as some paraconglomerates and sandstone layers.

The contact between these units is established by the colour of the pelites, differences in sedimentary textures, structures and palynological data. A marine transgression caused the sediments of the Rio Bonito Formation to be covered by coastal sandstones and pelites of the Palermo Formation, of tidal flat origin. Today, the coal layers and sediments have been eroded southward and slope gently to the north of the area. Inventory of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. Foram instaladas unidades amostrais, com Freitas, R.

The city of Santa Maria Madalena, located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State, has a region of rocky and extensive area of native forest. Its economy is primarily intended for farming, agriculture and tourism. Characterization studies were conducted in this region, aiming to determine the optimal production process for its application in the ceramics industry. The tests were conducted in the laboratories of the Universidade Estadual Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro - UENF and were determined and the physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristic.

This study included inspection forms, from restaurants with sanitary permits from January to December The following variables: a food storage conditions. Quatro animais de cada tratamento foram abatidos aos 43, 83, e dias. Four animals of each treatment were slaughtered at 43, 83, , and days. The percentage of BT in cold carcass of the lambs fed diets A and B was lower, and percentage of FT was higher, after 83 days of age.

The regression of each variable on ME total intake Mcal, for each treatment, suggested higher intensity of deposition of FT for lambs fed diet A. Foram instaladas unidades amostrais, com 4. Nestas unidades amostrais, D. The intense exploitation of Dicksonia sellowiana has led this species to become endangered and to be included on the red list of threatened species.

Therefore, this paper presents a study of D.

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  7. Two hundred and twenty-five sample plots, which were 4. Variabilidade em matrizes de acessos de espinheira- santa Variability in matrices of espinheira- santa accessions. Full Text Available Maytenus ilicifolia e M. Foi observada uma ampla variabilidade para todos os caracteres analisados. A maior dissimilaridade foi entre os acessos 57 M. Maytenus ilicifolia and M.