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One of its definitions for double down is "to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation. Here's Urban Dictionary's usage example: "Don't try to double down the exposures of your retirement money in aggressive investments.


But the president wasn't urging aggressive risk taking. Rather, he called for courses of action we might call "no-brainers" — common sense.

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How can a society go wrong putting more effort into education? How can clean energy be a bad idea? He traced the term to its origin in gambling and then observed that it seems to have slipped its moorings since then. The meaning of the phrase, he noted, "has gotten a little fuzzy.

Was the phrase the White House speechwriters and others who have "doubled down" lately really wanted "redouble our efforts"? It obviously lacks the rhythm of "doubling down. And "redoubling our efforts" carries a sort of "eat your vegetables" exhortatory quality that, well, may not get that many people to eat their vegetables. But speaking of vegetables, I can think of another reason the president might have wanted to avoid "doubling down. And "double down" is the phrase KFC Corporation , purveyors of what used to be known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, seized upon as the name for its controversial but popular no-bun, all-meat "sandwich.

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  • Why did President Obama double up on 'double down'?;

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Why did President Obama double up on 'double down'? -

What you can't see but definitely feel is the comfort and stability that give it a performance edge. Toe Shape: Wide Square.

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