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The character has wants and desires that the viewers are allowed to see. This subverts the often overused trope of the strong, stoic, and all-knowing older Black woman that is frequently showcased in mainstream movies as the advisor to the often younger main character.

Jess is a Native American man and army veteran who works a cook in a French restaurant in Montana. Jess also deals with alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder, a subject that also gets some examination. There are frank discussions had on screen dealing with heavy issues such as race, systemic oppression, addiction, and death.

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This is balanced by the oftentimes laugh-out-loud comedy interwoven throughout the movie. Ashlie Atkinson BlackKklansman plays the truck-driving lesbian who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Juanita, helping her get to some of her destinations. For some viewers, the plotting may feel scattered, as the movie attempts to address and take on many topics in its one hour and thirty minutes run time. The emotional payoffs in the film more than deliver, as Black woman joy is allowed full display.

Overall, Juanita pushes a narrative of taking care of yourself under a system that can be overbearing for many, and specifically for Black working-class women. Currently, nearly 41 million Americans live below the federal poverty line. Black women in the U. The poverty rate for Black women is Juanita is currently streaming on Netflix. The trailer can be seen here. Chauncey K. Robinson believes that writing and media, in any capacity, should help to reflect the world around us, and be tools to help bring about progressive change.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, she has a strong belief in people power and strength. They don't have the history of who their grandparent is. Some people are afraid to ask because they're like, "Oh, I don't want to get on their bad side. The only way I can compete with that is by doing my own stuff, and not opening that door for the non-Indians kind of claiming us. Vincent Schilling: What do you think about this whole Netflix thing? Talking about when Spielberg said something to the effect of, "Netflix shouldn't be available to run for an Oscar. Adam Beach: What Netflix has done was opened up a platform that allows diversity to prevail on all mediums.

Adam Beach: Yeah, they're always going to be making those films. We have to have someone in place that reads those scripts and says, "This is degrading. How dare you? Let's not do this," and not do it. If we work together at establishing this, as opposed to taking a paycheck, then we're making a change.

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I think we're such a small minority in film and television, we're not even a percentage, that they take advantage of us in that way. They just want us for a backdrop. They just want us to play the savage Indian. That's why when people see this movie, Juanita, it's going to really open their eyes, and really see that we are regular people. We strive to work careers, we are injured, and in some way, we carry the trauma of being American Indians in the last years, and our culture is there to keep us grounded. That's always been there for thousands of years.

When you go to the big leagues and you look at big cinema, they don't allow these small independents to walk in on their platforms the way Netflix has allowed their platforms to succeed. That's why Netflix is such a juggernaut now. People are having this conversation because they changed the game, and I'm glad they have.

Because now we can bring our projects to them and hopefully are selected, and it's streamed across the world and not in a limited kind of studio. Vincent Schilling: Last question … any projects to look out for now moving forward?

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So my wife is writing that story. Reading the book of Richard Oaks and the whole Alcatraz situation, it opens your mind, including my mind as an Anishinabe.

That there were these smart Indians, educators, who were leading a force of people stopping the government from eradicating our treaties, our reservations, and stopping the assimilation. If you look into Canada, they're trying to terminate our people and the Indian Act, and privatize everything. It's kind of still going on.

The story that I like about Richard Oaks is that he loved education and everything he learned he used it for the betterment of our people. That's what we need to do. There's a lot of struggle out there, so I'm hoping this film can reignite the flame in all of us.

Juanita is now available on Netflix. Additional actors in the film include the following:. Visit the Netflix Juanita film page here.

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Email - vschilling indiancountrytoday. Watched the film tonight, excellent story and well acted. This is not a story or casting that I would recommend. A Mexican, or a whitewashed native would have been more realistic. Someone closer to Adams age also. This a bizarre casting. IDK if this is supposed to be a dark comedy or a weird alternate dimension SciFi move. I totally loved this movie. It's funny and sweet. Great acting!

Beautiful views!!! I watched it on cinema apk and totally loved this movie.

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Cinema apk is a movie streaming app. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Is there anybody having similar RSS problems? Anyone that knows the solution will you kindly respond?

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Comments 6. Sort: Oldest. Mar Apr Jun 2. Cinema HD is a new movie app for Android devices. It is…. Oct Featured Community 2. Jarrette Werk.

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