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    • Lang -Poet Loiterer D. Connor - Damaged! Gavazzoni- Lara's Journal Psychological erotic thriller E. Dean - Falling into Knight B. Has fame changed Georgie forever? Will true friendship win out? Seventeen-year-old Christina, grieving the loss of her twin to consumption, has run away from home. But a violent storm rises on Georgian Bay, and the steamship sinks. Now Christina and the only other survivor, a brooding young man with a criminal past, must work together to survive.

      The last time Thomas saw his mother was on his fifth birthday, when she made him poutine in which she stuck five green candles. On his 12th birthday, Thomas decides to win a Guinness World Record for the biggest poutine in the world, in order to bring his mother back. This title is also available in French as La plus grosse poutine du monde.

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      Many people are interested in adopting, and soon two puppies are placed in loving homes. But will they find a home for shy little Bijou? This title is also available in French as Bijou cherche une maison. Billy Stuart, a young raccoon, aspires to be like his globe-trotting grandfather. When Billy learns that his grandfather is leaving on a time-travelling adventure, he and the Zintrepids decide to sneak along.

      Biomedical engineering is a fast-growing engineering field.

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      This book explores the ways biomedical engineers help diagnose, treat and prevent problems found in human body systems. Real-life examples bring the engineering design process to life for readers. Practical, hands-on activities encourage an understanding of scientific and engineering principles. Welcome to the amazing world of biometrics, where many of the things that make you unique — your fingerprints, voice or eyes — can prove your identity!

      Biometrics can even identify people based on ear shape, scent and vein pattern! This fascinating book explores the science and its possibilities, as well as concerns about what this technology means for our privacy!

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      In this title, young readers are introduced to the story of the Black Loyalists of Birchtown, from slavery to the American Revolution to settlement and struggle on Nova Scotian soil in Birchtown, and finally to mass exodus to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Their legacy, carried on through Black Loyalist descendants, is an enduring spirit despite a history marked by hardship and loss.

      Alexander Milton Ross was no ordinary ornithologist. Bright blue feet? Long pink legs? Part bird book, part guessing game, this title gives young readers a chance to identify birds by just one of their distinctive parts! Playful illustrations and informative text will have budding ornithologists chirping for more! Gordon's birdy senses are tingling like crazy!

      All over the city of Fowladelphia, chickens are acting strangely. Evil villain Birdbrain has been snatching citizens and putting zombie-like clones in their places. Kung Pow Chicken is hot on Birdbrain's tail feathers — until an army of free-range zombie clones birdy-snatches him!

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      Everyone has a birthday — but not everyone celebrates the same way. Meet 17 children from around the globe who share their own birthday traditions, including how they say happy birthday in their native language. Young readers are invited to compare their own birthday traditions with the ones they've learned about in the book. There are so many ways to have a happy birthday!

      Everybody has a birthday, but not everyone celebrates it in the same way! In fact, there are many different birthday customs and traditions around the world. In this bright and accessible title, readers will learn about the Name Day celebrations in Greece, special birthday festivals in Japan, different coming-of-age traditions and more about how children across the globe celebrate their birthdays! Bloodthirsty creatures are real well, maybe not Dracula , and there are trillions of vampires creeping, crawling, swimming, buzzing and even flying among us.

      Vampires come in a variety of shapes, sizes and species. You may know about fleas, vampire bats and leeches, but how about bloodsucking birds, butterflies and snails?