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Native New Yorker

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Shredded pork with BBQ hot sauce and onion strings on top of a burger with Pepper Jack cheese and lettuce. Can you handle it. Roast beef piled high on our homemade kummelweck roll a special roll topped with caraway seeds and weck salt. DNAInfo was not part of that partnership. Dobkin grew up on this quiet, tree-lined street in Park Slope.

After living in other parts of the city for 19 years, he returned here five years ago. He now lives in his childhood home with his wife, children, and parents. Over the past 40 years, the neighborhood has been completely transformed, with property values skyrocketing and hundreds of businesses now lining its streets. Across the street from P. The Community Bookstore, which opened in , is another local landmark.

Raw sewage and oil slicks still pollute the waters of the Gowanus, although a Superfund cleanup is now underway here, after centuries of neglect. But this part of the Gowanus may soon be transformed, with the city planning a rezoning project that will build residential towers all along the banks of the toxic canal. South of the Carroll Street Bridge, a few vestiges of the old Gowanus still remain, including a last pocket of graffiti.

The author, photographing demolished warehouses along the Gowanus in Despite having spent so much time documenting the area, Dobkin is surprisingly unsympathetic towards the idea of preserving most of the industrial landscape here. However, Dobkin is highly critical of the plans to build more residential towers on the banks of the Gowanus, especially as sea levels continue to rise.

I am actually more optimistic than most people. His Camera Obscura photo essays have appeared on Curbed since This requirement seems straightforward to me: except in rare instances birth on a plane while inbound to Newark while passing over NYC airspace?

Birth precisely halfway through the Lincoln Tunnel? I think it requires no subjective judgement call. However, while it is necessary to be born here to be a Native New Yorker, it is not sufficient.

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Two additional requirements must be satisfied before you are welcomed into the Native New Yorker circle of trust:. Surprisingly, I've yet to meet any other natives who agree with both of these rules.

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Some people say the first is too ambiguous- does spending a summer away at camp, or doing a semester abroad in Europe during college disqualify you? The most restrictive definition of "native" would say yes, but I've heard it argued that it's cruel to say that someone has lost their native card just because of a short absence. However, it seems obvious to me that if you physically pack up all your stuff and move to Philadelphia, change your driver's license, and start voting and paying taxes there, you are no longer a Native New Yorker.

But hey, you've got better cheesesteaks or something, right? I recall Brian Lehrer saying that my second requirement was "really crazy", but I think all true natives follow the Dylan Thomas line: "Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. By rage, I mean keep truculently putting up with New York until the moment that your soul is released into whatever afterlife awaits native New Yorkers probably haunting the subways like Vincent Schiavelli in Ghost?

The Native New Yorker

Also you should definitely be buried in one of those cemeteries by the LIE in Queens. It's possible that the set of all New Yorkers who meet these stringent qualifications is empty.

New York City Tour - (Native NewYorker - Odyssey)

In that case, I think nativity should be treated as a platonic ideal, which even the most determined of us can only approach asymptotically. But I do suspect there are a few true Natives buried around the city—perhaps never having left the safe confines of Staten Island or Bensonhurst during the course of their lives. Like the 36 Tzadikim Nistarim in the Talmud , they're probably the only thing keeping the city from apocalyptic disaster. But I digress.

Applying this theory to the letter writers above, none of them qualify as natives—the two who were born here left and haven't returned, and the third has only been here for a few years.