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By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Download PDF Download. Plant Science Volume , May , Pages Author links open overlay panel Fred A. Millet a Martin P. Chapman j k.

Selective breeding

Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract New types of phenotyping tools generate large amounts of data on many aspects of plant physiology and morphology with high spatial and temporal resolution. BLUP best linear unbiased predictor. BLUE best linear unbiased estimator. CGM crop growth model.

Genetic, evolutionary and plant breeding insights from the domestication of maize

G2P genotype to phenotype. HTP high throughput phenotyping. NDVI normalized difference vegetation index.

Ian Mackay. Quantitative Genetics and Heterosis

MET multi-environment trial. QTL quantitative trait locus. SEM structural equations model. SNP single nucleotide polymorphism.

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SpATS spatial analysis of field trials with splines. Figure 4: Associations between latitude and three interrelated variables measured across populations of Drosophila melanogaster from the eastern Australian coast. Philip C. Bevilacqua, Laura E. Ritchey, Zhao Su, Sarah M.

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Assmann Annual Review of Genetics Vol. Single-stranded RNA molecules fold into extraordinarily complicated secondary and tertiary structures as a result of intramolecular base pairing.

go site In vivo, these RNA structures are not static. Instead, they are remodeled in response to changes in the Figure 2: RNA folds differently in silico and in vivo. Figure 3: Relationships between RNA structure and cellular conditions and processes. Effects of various cellular conditions and processes on RNA structure, and vice versa, are illustrated.

Various hai Inheritance of genomic DNA underlies the vast majority of biological inheritance, yet it has been clear for decades that additional epigenetic information can be passed on to future generations. Here, we review major model systems for transgenerational In contrast, the number of coding Genome size was obtained from Reference Lactase activity is high and vital during infancy, but in most mammals, including most humans, lactase activity The SNPs 25, The 11 sites shown as circles are those used to construct the original haplo For institutions and librarians: a site license allows your patrons to access Annual Reviews publications seamlessly.

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